Peruvian Magic is truly magical from beginning to finish!!! From the first moment I contacted Romulo, he was very genuine and heart centered. The journey came together with such ease and blessings.

Romulo is much more than a tour guide; he is a spirit guide and friend. His true authenticity creates a beautiful loving blend for the amazing energy Peru has to offer. Romulo taps into that divine energy and co-creates a journey that is tailored to your specific needs and desires.

When showing you the phenomenal ancient sites, he provides you with his inner knowledge and wisdom that you can not find anywhere else. I appreciate beyond words how he further provided us with the time to do our own meditations and work and the loving space to do it. Romulo’s understanding of energy and divine source creates a supportive environment to experience and expand within yourself.

I was able to see my own co-creation at work and receive many personal insights to allow for my own mastery to further unfold. I was also able to learn new ways of receiving and seeing energy and messages from the surroundings. This is something I will always be deeply grateful for.

Romulo further set up ancient and healing ceremonies during our journey with close contacts of his. This was a very special part of the trip for me. I give much love and gratitude to Romulo and all the spectacular people we have met along the way while in Peru.

This journey will always hold a special place in my heart!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

BIG hugs and blessings

Rob Fournier

Michigan, USA