February 2024

A random thought out of the blue, followed by a Google search led me to a couple of important websites. In a matter of minutes I knew the destination of my solo trip in 2024. But what I didn’t know was that I was going to be at this destination in less than 72 hours. It was all made possible by Romulo, tour guide and owner of Peruvian Magic Tours who also happens to be as spiritual healer. 

We spoke on the phone a few times, and in 24 hours the itinerary, the bookings were completed. In less than 72 hours, I was going to Peru to visit and plunge in the healing waters of the sacred Black lagoon of Las Huaringas (a UNeSCO site) a spiritual healing session with the local shaman, explore the foggy mountains of the Huacabamba region, do an ayahuasca ceremony in Cusco and finish with a climb of Waynapichu mountain in Machu Picchu.

This is the first time I have traveled with a tour guide, mainly because the itinerary called for it . Because of the remote locations it is important to have a local person who can arrange access to the places and the people. 

If you are planning to go on a spiritual trip of Peru, I highly recommend you work with Romulo. Here are the reasons why-

- Romulo is a spiritual healer himself so he understands the spirit behind spiritual travel

- He has all the local contacts that help him create access to remote places like the lagoons

- He speaks fluent English and is an excellent translator in places where people only speak the local language

- The trip was highly personalized to my requirements

- He also has ability to be flexible in case you need to make any changes

- As a solo, female traveler, I felt safe in all the locations

- I usually avoid touristy places on my travels, and like to mingle with the locals and eat at places where the locals eat. Romulo understood this requirement and treated me to some of the most amazing local cuisines in the remotest areas of Peru.

- I am mostly vegetarian although I eat fish, Romulo made sure that I had multiple options in every place we visited. Peru is also a country where people eat a lot of vegetables, so it was not hard for me to find delicious food everywhere.

- He was very patient, especially on the climb to Wayna Pichu. It was an incredibly hard climb for me, especially with my intense fear of heights. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have made it all the way to the top.

I want to share a an incident that happened on this trip. After the plunge into the cold waters of the Black Lagoon, I stepped out of the water onto a rock, and found that I was standing in a pool of blood. I had cut my foot in the water but hadn’t realized since it was so cold.  The bleeding wouldn’t stop. The cut looked deep and I had multiple cuts. All the locals gathered around me as they were shocked. This had never happened before. The Shaman said that the Lagoon wanted me to give it something before I left soand took my blood. Romulo stepped in to help stop the bleeding, and with his healing touch in a matter of minutes was able to get the bleeding to slow down. It was truly magical to watch him work with his hands. I realized at that time that I was in good hands.

I learned many great things from Romulo on this trip as I am sure he learned a few things from me especially when it came to optimizing his website for Google search and connecting his social media accounts. Lol!

I recommend you reach out to Romulo if you are considering a trip to Peru, whether it is for yourself or your family. 

Thank you Romulo for a fantastic trip. I go home feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

Gayatri K.


May 2023

I needed to make a sacred journey to Peru and was struggling to find the right company to go with. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Romulo and Peruvian Magic Journeys. Romulo was really prompt in responding to my initial enquiry. My itinerary was a little complicated as I needed to visit Machu Picchu on the exact dates of the full moon. Romulo was able to accommodate all of my requirements for the trip coming up with a flexible and well planned itinerary. Despite only booking a few weeks before, he ensured I had tickets for Machu Picchu and liaised closely with me to ensure all the detail was correct.

I had a 12 day tour in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with Romulo as my guide. Romulo is a very special person. His esoteric and archaeological knowledge of all the sacred sites is superb.  He is extremely professional, kind, patient and caring.  He exceeded my expectations and I could not have asked for a better guide.

When I needed to change my itinerary to include a trip to the Island of the Sun in Bolivia he used all his professional contacts to make it possible. He even arranged for a guide colleague of his to meet me at the border and phoned to check everything was in order! I had the Reconnection Healing sessions with him at Machu Picchu which was a truly profound experience.  He made sure that I was comfortable in the hotels that I stayed in and helped me change money whilst in Lima.

Thank you Romulo for all your care and professionalism.  You helped make my journey to Peru very sacred, special and transformative.

Moira N. S.

November 2022

My friend and I recently (2022) travelled to Peru. Romulo was our tour guide and teacher. He has in- depth knowledge of the history, both ancient and current, of Peru. He worked with us as we planned our trip and was patient as we changed our itinerary several times. Romulo was able to navigate us through an unexpected event that occurred with minimal inconvenience to us. The circumstance could have significantly impacted the rest of our trip. Romulo got us through it mostly with ease. 
I felt safe at all times while in country and this was at least partly due to having Romulo to guide us. We wanted to do some things on our own and he made recommendations to help us achieve that safely. 
Romulo was a critical part in helping me to fulfill a longtime dream.
Thank you to Romulo.

Cher P.


My traveling companion and I were referred to Romulo Castilla and Peruvian Magic Journeys to help us think through and plan a Peruvian sacred sites and experiential journey. Romulo worked with us many months in advance of our trip to customize and tweak our itinerary. When we arrived at 5:30 am, Romulo was at the Lima airport to greet us. From that moment on, we were in good hands as we traveled from Lima to the Nasca Lines, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and Puno. Romulo is very knowledgeable about Incan history, traditions, cosmology, sacred sites, etc. He shares his passion and knowledge generously. Our trip was well organized with logistics, accommodations, in-country transportation all handled efficiently and smoothly. Our trip is still percolating in our minds and hearts.
Thank you, Romulo and Peruvian Magic Jourmeys.

Laurie H,


April 2022

Estimado Rómulo, muchísimas gracias por enseñarme sobre la historia fascinante y la cultura rica de los Incas! Tu país es inolvidable, sin duda me gustaría regresar en un futuro.
Además, gracias por ayudar a mi mama durante el viaje.
Cuidate y nos vemos.


Dear Rómulo, thank you so much for teaching me about the fascinating history and rich culture of the Incas! Your country is unforgettable, I would certainly like to return in the future.
Also, thanks for helping my mom during the trip.
Take care and see you.


You made a lifetime dream come true, I couldn´t have done it without your help and patience.


December 2021



Dec 2021


Strengths: Reliability, Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism, Time Management, Organization, Range of Sites

Romulo is a being deeply connected to the lands and energy of Peru.  Having spent 10 day traveling together, he made the entire trip a success and I would highly recommend his services to those interested in a tour that goes deeper in the Truths of our reality and the ancient civilizations of Peru.
Among the several tours I researched and guides I called to interview, Romulo was the clear choice.  Not only was it evident he had decades of experience and knowledge of these sites having toured many times over the years but his gift as an energy healer was of great interest to me. I was not disappointed.
Having had a spiritual awakening during the first two years of the Covid pandemic, there were a lot of new ideas and new information coming into my understanding. From that was an ever-intensifying interest to find my way down to tour the areas of the Sacred Valley, Cusco and Machu Picchu.  Having been utterly fascinated by the megalithic work scattered around the Cusco area, I wanted to find a tour and specifically a guide who understood the mystic principles I had been come to understand more and more each day.  After a year of studying and researching what I could of these sacred sites, not surprisingly, the Universe granted me the opportunity to make the trip a reality.  Having a friend working remote in South America, we decided to rendezvous in Peru and share the adventure together.  Insert: Romoulo and his Peruvian Magic Tour. From the very beginning Romulo was attentive and responsive to our requests and interest.  He followed up with every message in short order-every time.  After consulting and agreeing to the cost (reasonable by all means) he scheduled our trip and gave us our itinerary. (In fact, we had an unexpected last minute change request to our first weekend outside of the tour and Romulo went so far as to do all the leg work to rebook our hotels and travel tickets, no problem.  That was a clear sign to us we were in good hands).
Upon arriving he picked us up at the Cusco Airport in his VW van which was clean and comfortable.  His initial friendly demeanor and professional approach set the tone and we were off!  We wasted no time- from the airport to our first site. Never a dull moment wasted when you are on Romulo’s watch, although he was always mindful to keep each day balanced. Overall, we were able to explore all of the wonderful sights we had listed and hoped to see (plus many more fun pit-stops along the way) and we had his undivided attention at each stop, each and every day.   He had visuals, stories, he knew the locals and where to go.  The accommodations of where we lodged were quality and comfortable at all of our destinations.

James Baker

September 2021

Romulo was our guide in Peru. He is excellent in what he does, and I will highly recommend him to anyone planing a Trip to Peru without any reservations. This was the first trip, I had planned after the beginning of the pandemic. I contacted one of my friends, who grew up in Cusco, for recommendations and he introduced me to Romulo.
Romulo was extremely helpful and prompt in replying to questions. His experience in organizing the trip was palpable from the get go. We wanted to take the Salkantay trek to Machu Pichu for 5 days. He meticulously provided us with an itinerary to use the days before and after Salkantay Trek to best enjoy the city of Cusco and other historic sites around Cusco City. 
He picked us from the airport and dropped is to the Air-bnb place. Through out the trip we were impressed by his punctuality. Every morning he will pick us between 7-8 am. The days were well organized. He even arranged for our trip to Rainbow mountain. He is well versed with Inca history and is we thoroughly enjoyed learning the story of Inca civilization, while going to places like Saqsaywaman, Sacred valley, and Coricancha temple. 
In addition to a superb job as a guide, he went out his way to arrange for COVID test, which is a requirement prior to international flights. 
All in all I will give Romulo  5/5 as a tour guide to Cusco. We enjoyed our trip a lot, and majority fo credit goes to him for making it a pleasurable experience.

Perminder Gulani

June 2021

We enjoyed our time with Romulo. He was an excellent guide in the areas we wanted to visit and allowed us to personalize our time in the Cusco area as well as helping us get to out goal - Machu Picchu. We were able to explore sites that we never would have been able to find on our own. His experience as a guide and knowledge of the history of Peru is apparent and he enjoys what he does. He even picked us up and dropped us off at the airport. Romulo went "above and beyond" during our time with him.

M. Pratte

June 2017

Dear Romulo,

I wanted to thank you for an incredible experience in Peru.  Once I got back home, I was told that I had fractured my foot in two places.  The doctor could not explain how I was walking.  The recovery is taking time, but I am so glad that the injury did not put a sudden stop to our adventure in Peru.  I can only explain the lack of pain to your energy healing sessions.  I know that the energy sessions helped my foot heal faster and allow me to walk with crutches or walking stick when I should have been in bed completely immobile.

The body ultimately does the healing, but the energy sessions provided the right environment for the body to work its magic.  There was no way of anticipating getting injured in our trip.  We were lucky to have been with you for you took care of us as if we were family.  Thank you for the energy sessions, the educational tours and the adventures fit for all our interests and abilities.

I highly recommend Peruvian Magic to anyone who wants to discover the real magic of Peru, which goes beyond the ruins.  I recommend Peruvian Magic to anyone who wishes to get in touch with their heart and the beautiful energy that emanates from each magical Peruvian Valley.

Thank you,

Sara Salerno

March 2017

My entire trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu was INCREDIBLE, mostly due to Romulo and Peruvian Magic Journeys.  First of all, Romulo was an amazing tour guide - extremely knowledgeable and spoke perfect English.  He gave us a multitude of options and meticulously planned our events, outings, and hotel stays.  As a native of Cusco, he was able to give us an authentic inside look into the culture, as well as suggesting really cool excursions and sites to see.  Everything went so smoothly due to his organization and time-management.  I would recommend him in a heart beat, and I truly believe our trip would not have been so awesome without him. 

Mary Beth Sorrentino - USA

November 2016

Travelling to Peru has been a dream to fulfill  ever since I was a child, so when the time came to make all arrangements for this trip, I wanted everything to be perfect. Romulo was my first and only option I took into consideration when choosing our guide for the sites of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, and I feel grateful for the wonderful experience he facilitated for me and my friend Brandusa all the way. Throughout the 5 days we spent in his company, Romulo provided us with a wealth of information about the Incan culture and civilisation, as well as spiritual guidance at the ancient sites we visited, while still leaving us the time to explore the sites on our own and enjoy the powerful, warm energy and breathtaking landscapes at our own pace. I highly appreciated his inner knowledge and wisdom that revealed a deep understanding of mystical matters, and the way he managed to deliver the stories of the ancient times in such vivid images was truly fascinating.

Romulo is an incredible guide, whose patience, kindness and caring approach was comforting, while his focus on details and concern for our well-being made us feel safe at all times. His utmost professionalism and dedication made it possible for us to reach Machu Picchu in the first place, when all odds seemed to be against us, due to the local protests in Macchu Picchu town that caused the cancellation of all railway and bus access to the site. Our memorable 10-hour trip back to Cusco, the night before our return flight to Lima, was quite a challenge for all of us due to the cold and fog in the mountains at night, as well as to the fatigue. I even thought for a moment that we wouldn’t manage it in time for the airport that morning, but Romulo is an experienced guide who managed to tackle the situation with perfect calm and brought us back to our hotel safe and sound, just in time for us to finish packing our luggage and save some two more hours of sleep before our flight. He even accompanied us to the aiport and helped us save the extra fee for excess of luggage J

Last but not least, I’m happy that we decided to take both the Pranic and Reconnection healing sessions with Romulo. As he chooses to perform the healing work at the sacred places like Macchu Picchu, these are perfect for enhancing the cleansing, releasing and healing processes, and I myself felt he worked magic on me while releasing deeply rooted negative emotions. 

THANK YOU so much, Romulo, for such an incredible experience and for making the time we spent together the highlight of our trip! You are a true friend and we will definitely enjoy having you as our spiritual guide in the magical lands of Peru the next time we are travelling to your country!


Sanda and Brandusa from Bucharest, Romania

April 2016

I enjoyed a private 9 day vacation in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Machu Picchu with Romulo as my guide.  Romulo was kind, patient, accommodating, and a wealth of information.    He shared both historical information along with energetic information with me at each location. I also felt the pricing was reasonable.  I made a decision to have the two day reconnection treatment he offers at Machu Picchu which was absolutely heavenly.   I highly recommend it!


Christina from Washington DC. 


I just got back from an incredible adventure with Romulo. Originally the tour was scheduled for a group; however I lucked out and had a private tour, which was exactly what I needed. I was totally taken care of, from the moment I landed in Lima, all the way until I departed from Peru. The 8-day Mystical & Magical Journey was exactly that. Romulo was helpful, kind, understanding, and patient. He’s also a great healer if you need any additional assistance while traveling through the sacred land.

I’ve already begun referring him to friends, and I when I return to Peru (because there is so much more to see and do), I will definitely contact him for my tours and sightseeing!

Lisa Eve, Spiritual Entrepreneur


What started as a pilgrimage to a shamanic healing retreat in Peru, ended in a month long odyssey that earned a place in the top three highlights of my life. When I decided to top and tail my retreat with journeys of the sacred kind, research revealed how little I knew about this mystical land apart from famous sites such as Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines and Titicaca Lake.

Finding a tour company that mirrored my needs proved a challenge. Time swiftly passed and airfares from Adelaide, South Australia to Lima, Peru, continued to rise. I took a chance and booked a return flight that would deliver me to Lima on 4 July 2013.  Then I booked my retreat, due to commence in mid July. From that moment on, everything started to fall into place.

I Googled ‘magical Peru’ and bingo – there was Peruvian Magic Journeys. A ten day ‘mystical and esoteric’ journey was scheduled to commence from Lima on 4 July 2013. Divine timing indeed! I contacted the tour guide Romulo Castilla about availability and received a prompt, friendly reply confirming a vacancy. He attached a suggested, flexible itinerary which included popular and lesser known ancient, sacred sites, and a helpful list of recommended items to pack. I booked and paid via a bank transfer within days.

Additional research led me to the little known mystical Huaringas healing lagoons in the Huamani mountain range, northern Peru. I received several quotes, one as high as AU$4000 for five days but didn’t feel confident about travelling through this remote region alone. When I contacted Romulo, he said that he wanted to explore this part of Peru as well and offered to research and plan an itinerary. Several days later he emailed me a proposed itinerary and highly competitive quote which included ceremonies with local, authentic shamans. I booked and paid for it without hesitation and also booked a luxurious Lima hotel for the final two days of my Peruvian odyssey.

From the moment I landed in Lima, where I was greeted by a professional, friendly driver, my adventure of a lifetime flawlessly unfolded.  After two days exploring historic sites in Lima with a most entertaining guide, and enjoying some down time to do as I please, I flew to Cusco to meet up with Romulo. Relieved that I had opted for a professional tour guide rather than stumble my solo way through a predominantly Spanish speaking country, I relaxed into the journey that took me to Machu Picchu, Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley of the Incas) Puno and Titicaca Lake including an overnight stay with a family on the floating Uros Islands.

The journey to the Huaringas lagoons was extraordinary. I fell in love with the remote mountain village of Huancabamba and saw myself returning there to write Andean inspired poetry one day. While part of the journey to the lagoon was an uphill climb on horseback in near Arctic conditions (something out of a National Geographic documentary), I plan to return to further explore the 14 sacred lagoons and participate in more shamanic ceremonies. 

Romulo is a consummate professional, highly skilled tour guide who speaks fluent English, Spanish and French. He is also a walking encyclopaedia of the Inca Empire and mystical matters, a Pranic and Reconnective Healer. I had two reconnective healing sessions at Machu Picchu and he also helped me overcome altitude sickness in the Lake Titicaca region by using a combination of Agua De Florida (shamanic flower water), deep breathing and energy healing. Tip: Don’t try to take Agua De Florida out of the country. My bottles were confiscated at the Lima Airport but I have since discovered that they can be ordered via the internet.

I highly recommend Romulo’s services to travellers from all walks of life, particularly those on a path of spiritual growth and personal transformation. 

Linda Summer - Adelaide, South Australia

December 2013

If you want to visit the local Incan sites near Cusco, there is no better way than a personal day tour with Romulo.  Romulo is a gifted interpreter of the Incan world who delivers his thematic program with heartfelt wisdom.  His information is so visual and insightful, that you will feel as if you are back in the Incan empire. An interpretive tour of this quality is truly an art form.   If you really want to grasp the scope, ingenuity and mysticism of the the Incan empire, you should take a day tour with Romulo.  It was definitely the highlight of all our archaeological visits in Peru.  Thank you so much Romulo!

Dawn and Brian from Alaska

December 2012

I had the privilege to spend 14 days in December 2012 in Peru with a group of 26 people, and guided by Romulo and his team at Peruvian Magic Journeys. We visited Puno, Uros Island, Cusco, Urubamba, Machu Picchu and many places in between. Romulo was always available and attended to the needs of all participants. He is an amazing guide, knowledgeable of the regions as well as the sacred places we visited. He has a great heart and it was wonderful to follow his lead as our group went through this sacred journey. I’m grateful to Romulo and his team for the opportunity to visit Peru and all the magical places there.

Elisa B. New York, NY

October 2012

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful insights and knowledge you gave to me on the tour in Peru with Finbarr Ross in Oct-Nov of this past year.

You are truly a gifted man who makes the tour a ceremony of the heart.  I loved how you revealed yourself through the tour from a man within himself and his beliefs to one who joked with us and laughed with us and became a friend to us, relaxing into the energy of the group and each of us.  You made me feel very safe and welcome in this mystical land of Peru.  I hope to return with Finbarr in 2014 for another trip to expand my learning from you and mother earth.  Thank you so much for all you gave me and for making me feel I belonged there from long ago.
Much gratitude to you and I hope to see you on my next venture!!


August 2012

My journey to the Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu with Romulo was - magic.  My friend Lisa and I had the good fortune to travel with Romulo and his team for five days in the region.  Every day was a revelation.  From our beautiful Pacha Mama ceremony to the reconciliation work surrounded by the majesty of the pakos in Machu Pichu, the journey was full of grace, beauty, learning and healing.  

I will always carry the energy of the mountains.  And I send gratitude to Romulo for making the experience full of such wonder.

Mallika Dutt from NYC.

March 2012

Words cannot begin to describe the amazing journey that was provided by Romulo and his staff with Peruvian Magic. From the first day in meeting Romulo, there was a lightness and grace to his presence that made coming to another foreign country quite pleasing and comfortable. Never was there a moment of uncertainty or doubt in taking this trip with Romulo and Peruvian Magic. Romulo conducted this adventure with utmost professionalism, joy, and dedication to our needs while on this trip. The accommodations provided by Romulo were excellent from the hotel to the food to the transportation. 

Perhaps the biggest worry for any traveler is that journey will be monotonous or non-fulfilling. NOT WITH ROMULO. Romulo engages one with in depth knowledge of the Incan civilization and the sites we visited, but also allowed us to explore on our own and have our own personal experience while visiting various sites. This was priceless. It enabled me to not only enjoy the history of the culture, but to have my own personal time to experience the culture within my own self and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature. In addition, Romulo provided us with ceremonies during the trip with some of his contacts that literally took my breath away.  

As for the Inca Trail Hike, Romulo provided me with the support and tender care in completing the 4 day hike. At times it seemed that I could not complete the task, but Romulo went out of his way to ensure that I had the support and motivation to complete the task. The food and porters during the Inca Trail was something that I shall remember most about the trip as they worked hard day and night to provide an experience that will last a lifetime. My deepest gratitude for such wonderful people.  This truly was a journey of unity, friendship, and care. 

All and all, the professionalism, the care, the comfort level, and most of all the Adventure, made this trip easy and one to remember forever. 

Thank you a million times Romulo for being such a priceless guide in my journey. 

I highly, Highly, recommend Peruvian Magic in your journey to Peru. 

With Gratitude, 

Nishant Patel - New York, USA

April 2012

Peruvian Magic is truly magical from beginning to finish!!! From the first moment I contacted Romulo, he was very genuine and heart centered. The journey came together with such ease and blessings.

Romulo is much more than a tour guide; he is a spirit guide and friend. His true authenticity creates a beautiful loving blend for the amazing energy Peru has to offer.  Romulo taps into that divine energy and co-creates a journey that is tailored to your specific needs and desires.

When showing you the phenomenal ancient sites, he provides you with his inner knowledge and wisdom that you can not find anywhere else. I appreciate beyond words how he further provided us with the time to do our own meditations and work and the loving space to do it. Romulo’s understanding of energy and divine source creates a supportive environment to experience and expand within yourself.

I was able to see my own co-creation at work and receive many personal insights to allow for my own mastery to further unfold. I was also able to learn new ways of receiving and seeing energy and messages from the surroundings. This is something I will always be deeply grateful for.

 Romulo further set up ancient and healing ceremonies during our journey with close contacts of his. This was a very special part of the trip for me. I give much love and gratitude to Romulo and all the spectacular people we have met along the way while in Peru.

This journey will always hold a special place in my heart!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

BIG hugs and blessings

Rob Fournier - Michigan, USA

Machu Picchu was a dream of over thirty years. I had been mesmerized by a post card image that I happened to see in the 1970’s of this magnificent Incan site. I retired from 44 years of teaching in June and decided this past October, 2010, was the time to fulfill my dream. There was a big stumbling block, literally. Injuring my knee from a fall on the ice two years before, I had to walk with a cane. Any fear I had was soon assuaged by meeting Romulo Castilla.

From the moment I stepped off the plane in Lima, Romulo was there to lend a strong, helping hand. When I accidentally left my new camera on a bench in the airport, Romulo rushed away to recover it—thank goodness. After two days of knee pain though, I thought I had made a terrible mistake in coming. I had a healing session with Romulo at the end of the third day. From that point on, my journey grew more tolerable until, when “saying Goodbye” at the Lima Airport, I knew in my heart my dream had been realized. 

I found it incredible that Romulo could dedicate as much support to me while still attending to everyone else’s needs in our group. His vast knowledge of the entire Cusco area and of Incan history was always impressive. He was patient and answered any question we had. You could always tell that you had his full focus.  His attention to every detail made all of us feel safe and secure. His choice of restaurants was impeccable. Each of the different restaurants seemed to suit our location time frame exactly making the day’s activities culminate beautifully.

I experienced Pranic healing from Romulo as well as one more healing session our last day in Lima--shortly before leaving for the airport. It was one of the most profound times of my life. I thank Romulo for sharing his “Peruvian Magic” skills with me. I will be forever grateful for his making my “Dream” a reality. I plan to go back to Cusco and would never entertain asking anyone but Romulo to oversee my new adventure. I would urge anyone to experience a loving, gentle, and enlightening journey with Romulo in the exquisite country of Peru. 

With respect and love,

Betty Zager / Ohio - Oct. 2010

I have been to Machu Picchu once before however seeing it this time with Romulo it was like seeing it completely anew. I had such a special time seeing Peru with Romulo. He had such amazing practical, intellectual and spiritual insight and a real authentic connection to the land and to the people. I felt fortunate to experience life changing ceremonies in a profoundly powerful place that I might not otherwise had access to. We had a journey that really uncovered so much mystery and adventure in such a special space and enabled us discover our personal connection to the magical.

Thank you,

Steven Hazan - New york


"Romulo Castilla and Peruvian Magic Journeys create an amazing opportunity to step into the heart of the Andean culture and Inca spirituality. Machu Picchu and the other sites of Peru are awe-inspiring in themselves, but sadly most people are just seeing them from the outside. We wanted a direct experience of Andean shamanism and spiritual values, and we searched for someone who could be trusted to provide that. Romulo is a healer and spiritual teacher himself, and he connects you with other genuine local healers and teachers in your journey. He knows the best places to stay and to eat, and he knows how to get you the experiences you were hoping for. Romulo went out of his way to make sure we had the most memorable experience possible. He really did work way beyond the requirements of our arrangements with him. He has a gentle and caring approach, and will be completely respectful of your own beliefs, values and plans. He made everything available, but never pushed us into anything. The other side of the trip is that Romulo is so well organised. He knew exactly how to get the most from the time we had in Peru. Trust his planning; tell him what you want, and then get him to make all the detailed arrangements; relax and enjoy his local knowledge. We got the best of both worlds with him; systematic and carefully planned western tour guiding, and warm, local Peruvian experience. Our time in Peru with Romulo is a cherished memory, and the learnings we got will be part of our way of being for the rest of our lives."

Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva - Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd,

For NLP and Chi Kung Training

www.transformations.net.nz richard@transformations.net.nz


Romulo Castilla, with Peruvian Magic Journeys, was our tour guide / translator in August 2008 for a 14 day tour that included Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Pachacamac, and Titicaca Lake, La Paz - Boliva. From getting off the jet at Lima, Peru to departing at the airport in La Paz, Bolivia Romulo provided us with personalized first class service, selecting excellent transport and hotel accommodations. He adjusted the tour itinerary at our request to form a special synergy for the group including our Shaman Hosts. His professional guidance insured our security and health throughout the tour. Each site visited was enhanced by his knowledge and insight into the Inca history and culture. Romulo?s truly puts his heart into providing a memorable tour that is a truly spiritual and magical experience. 

Many BlesSings in Jo - Rich

I'm a different person since my trip with Peruvian Magic Journeys. There has been a major shift occurring within my psyche. I know I'll always have the ambience of Peru resonating in my heart for the rest of my life. Romulo and Ruben were always gracious and consistently helpful with everything from hotel accommodations, airport red tape and procedures, handing us tickets at every Inca ruin and educating us about their native Inca culture. I appreciated their genuine concern for everyone in our group and the pride they both had for their heritage. It was astonishing to watch both Romulo and Ruben heal people with the slightest problems from altitude sickness to a sprained ankle with their Shaman gifts and faith.

I want to return to Peru someday and the Peruvian Magic Journeys will be my first phone call when I make my travel arrangements. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime and the discovery of exciting emotional and intellectual depths I never knew existed.

Genevieve Bowman

Dear Romulo:

This trip has affected me more profoundly than any other. Already I am planning to spend six months in Cusco and the sacred valley with the excuse of learning to speak Spanish.

Your gentle and wise leadership 'herding cats' each with their own desires and agendas, was masterful to watch. I greatly appreciated Rubens twinkle; profound archeological knowledge, and his shamanic nature made this a magical internal journey. I continue to hold these major transformational shifts and feel like a neo-shaman wearing my three large Peruvian crystals day and night. It was so wonderful to just 'be', knowing that YOU and Ruben were handling all of the logistics.

Much Love


I traveled to Peru with Romulo Castilla of Peruvian Magic Journeys as our guide in September of 2005. Traveling with a group of 30 people from all over the US, I was sure could be challenging. With Romulo as our fearless guide, the trip proceeded so smoothly and marvelously that it was a wonder to behold. The entire group, including Romulo and our shaman "p'aco" guide Ruben, even our bus driver Dante, felt like a great family.

The great thing about traveling with Peruvian Magic Journeys was that I never had to worry about where to go, what to do, where to sleep, how to get there, where to eat……absolutely everything was taken care of, and throughout the entire trip there was not a shadow of worry or doubt, for I saw we were in ever capable hands, and were treated consistently to the finest accommodations.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was looking around at other tourist groups and hearing what their experiences were like, or witnessing what kind of information they were getting on different historical sites, and feeling so honored that our group’s experience, through the help, knowledge, and foresight of Ruben and Romulo, seemed so much more real and enriched.

Peru being a trip that everyone needs to take in their lifetime, I would not hesitate to offer my highest applaud and recommendation to Romulo Castilla’s Peruvian Magic Journeys and all of his wonderful contacts and resources. This was the most life-changing, evolutionary and heartfelt experience of my lifetime, and Romulo’s patience, creativity and expertise made this possible! Thank you for being there for us Romulo!

Much Love.

Delasaria (Jennifer Lynn) of Albuquerque, New Mexico, US