The great thing about traveling with Peruvian Magic Journeys was that I never had to worry about where to go, what to do, where to sleep, how to get there, where to eat……absolutely everything was taken care of, and throughout the entire trip there was not a shadow of worry or doubt, for I saw we were in ever capable hands, and were treated consistently to the finest accommodations.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was looking around at other tourist groups and hearing what their experiences were like, or witnessing what kind of information they were getting on different historical sites, and feeling so honored that our group’s experience, through the help, knowledge, and foresight of Ruben and Romulo, seemed so much more real and enriched.

Peru being a trip that everyone needs to take in their lifetime, I would not hesitate to offer my highest applaud and recommendation to Romulo Castilla’s Peruvian Magic Journeys and all of his wonderful contacts and resources. This was the most life-changing, evolutionary and heartfelt experience of my lifetime, and Romulo’s patience, creativity and expertise made this possible! Thank you for being there for us Romulo!

Much Love.