I'm a different person since my trip with Peruvian Magic Journeys. There has been a major shift occurring within my psyche. I know I'll always have the ambience of Peru resonating in my heart for the rest of my life. Romulo and Ruben were always gracious and consistently helpful with everything from hotel accommodations, airport red tape and procedures, handing us tickets at every Inca ruin and educating us about their native Inca culture. I appreciated their genuine concern for everyone in our group and the pride they both had for their heritage. It was astonishing to watch both Romulo and Ruben heal people with the slightest problems from altitude sickness to a sprained ankle with their Shaman gifts and faith.

I want to return to Peru someday and the Peruvian Magic Journeys will be my first phone call when I make my travel arrangements. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime and the discovery of exciting emotional and intellectual depths I never knew existed.