Words cannot begin to describe the amazing journey that was provided by Romulo and his staff with Peruvian Magic. From the first day in meeting Romulo, there was a lightness and grace to his presence that made coming to another foreign country quite pleasing and comfortable. Never was there a moment of uncertainty or doubt in taking this trip with Romulo and Peruvian Magic. Romulo conducted this adventure with utmost professionalism, joy, and dedication to our needs while on this trip. The accommodations provided by Romulo were excellent from the hotel to the food to the transportation.
Perhaps the biggest worry for any traveler is that journey will be monotonous or non-fulfilling. NOT WITH ROMULO. Romulo engages one with in depth knowledge of the Incan civilization and the sites we visited, but also allowed us to explore on our own and have our own personal experience while visiting various sites. This was priceless. It enabled me to not only enjoy the history of the culture, but to have my own personal time to experience the culture within my own self and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature. In addition, Romulo provided us with ceremonies during the trip with some of his contacts that literally took my breath away.
As for the Inca Trail Hike, Romulo provided me with the support and tender care in completing the 4 day hike. At times it seemed that I could not complete the task, but Romulo went out of his way to ensure that I had the support and motivation to complete the task. The food and porters during the Inca Trail was something that I shall remember most about the trip as they worked hard day and night to provide an experience that will last a lifetime. My deepest gratitude for such wonderful people. This truly was a journey of unity, friendship, and care.
All and all, the professionalism, the care, the comfort level, and most of all the Adventure, made this trip easy and one to remember forever.
Thank you a million times Romulo for being such a priceless guide in my journey.
I highly, Highly, recommend Peruvian Magic in your journey to Peru.
With Gratitude,
Nishant Patel
New York, USA