Machu Picchu was a dream of over thirty years. I had been mesmerized by a post card image that I happened to see in the 1970’s of this magnificent Incan site. I retired from 44 years of teaching in June and decided this past October, 2010, was the time to fulfill my dream. There was a big stumbling block, literally. Injuring my knee from a fall on the ice two years before, I had to walk with a cane. Any fear I had was soon assuaged by meeting Romulo Castilla.
From the moment I stepped off the plane in Lima, Romulo was there to lend a strong, helping hand. When I accidentally left my new camera on a bench in the airport, Romulo rushed away to recover it—thank goodness. After two days of knee pain though, I thought I had made a terrible mistake in coming. I had a healing session with Romulo at the end of the third day. From that point on, my journey grew more tolerable until, when “saying Goodbye” at the Lima Airport, I knew in my heart my dream had been realized.
I found it incredible that Romulo could dedicate as much support to me while still attending to everyone else’s needs in our group. His vast knowledge of the entire Cusco area and of Incan history was always impressive. He was patient and answered any question we had. You could always tell that you had his full focus. His attention to every detail made all of us feel safe and secure. His choice of restaurants was impeccable. Each of the different restaurants seemed to suit our location time frame exactly making the day’s activities culminate beautifully.
I experienced Pranic healing from Romulo as well as one more healing session our last day in Lima--shortly before leaving for the airport. It was one of the most profound times of my life. I thank Romulo for sharing his “Peruvian Magic” skills with me. I will be forever grateful for his making my “Dream” a reality. I plan to go back to Cusco and would never entertain asking anyone but Romulo to oversee my new adventure. I would urge anyone to experience a loving, gentle, and enlightening journey with Romulo in the exquisite country of Peru.
With respect and love,

Betty Zager / Ohio