"Romulo Castilla and Peruvian Magic Journeys create an amazing opportunity to step into the heart of the Andean culture and Inca spirituality. Machu Picchu and the other sites of Peru are awe-inspiring in themselves, but sadly most people are just seeing them from the outside. We wanted a direct experience of Andean shamanism and spiritual values, and we searched for someone who could be trusted to provide that. Romulo is a healer and spiritual teacher himself, and he connects you with other genuine local healers and teachers in your journey. He knows the best places to stay and to eat, and he knows how to get you the experiences you were hoping for. Romulo went out of his way to make sure we had the most memorable experience possible. He really did work way beyond the requirements of our arrangements with him. He has a gentle and caring approach, and will be completely respectful of your own beliefs, values and plans. He made everything available, but never pushed us into anything. The other side of the trip is that Romulo is so well organised. He knew exactly how to get the most from the time we had in Peru. Trust his planning; tell him what you want, and then get him to make all the detailed arrangements; relax and enjoy his local knowledge. We got the best of both worlds with him; systematic and carefully planned western tour guiding, and warm, local Peruvian experience. Our time in Peru with Romulo is a cherished memory, and the learnings we got will be part of our way of being for the rest of our lives."

Dr Richard Bolstad and Julia Kurusheva
Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd,
For NLP and Chi Kung Training
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